Friday, January 17, 2014

['kliɳ 'klaɳ] and other Sounds

['kliɳ 'klaɳ]

Between 1999 and 2001 I recorded a bunch of short electronic music.
I talk a bit about that in this post and there a some tracks imbedded in the post,
It seems to take a little longer to load than usually

In 2001 I released a CD called ['kliɳ 'klaɳ] named after Kraftwerks studio written phonetically. 
The CD was released at an event at the exhibition space Overgaden in Copenhagen, 
I don't recall if it was the publisher Space Poetry or the online art magazine Kopenhagen
 that arranged the event back in 2001.
The CD was homemade in a extremely limited amount, 
it was supposed to be an edition of 100, 
but what most people know that does editions, 
if you don't do them all in one go, you will never do the rest.
I don't have count of how few are out there but it is not a lot, 
and with what CD plague does to home burned CD's 
I have no guess to if any of them still play.

For the cover I wanted it to be transparent and almost not there, 
so I printed it very minimal and used a white transparent paper
on top to make the text almost vanish. 
The typeface was Moonbase Alpha, 
for that nice futuristic feeling.

Later In 2007 I made a CD called Wood. 
It was a collection of most of the songs that did not end up ['kliɳ 'klaɳ], 
most of them being recorded later. It was manly to be sold at Printed Matter Inc. 
and The New Museum in New York, and at the book fairs I took part of. 
This time the approach to the cover was pretty much the opposite of  ['kliɳ 'klaɳ], 
this time I used a detail of a drawing I had made with a band in it, 
if true to the sound they should have carried a lap top each.

For the recordings I used an early sound program called Sound Edit, 
it was made for the first version of Imovie, 
what really attracted me to it was that you had to work with the graph of the sound wave, 
you could cut and past it, stretch reverse and do other simple things to it. 
Most of the songs are made from a single little sound 
usually a click or a beeb that is then treated in various ways.

Around the same time I recorded Milk River 

wile doing an artist in residency in Trondheim, Norway, 
on this I used samples, together with my own sounds,
again reworking the sounds to a degree that was very far from the original sound, 
but this one is somewhat closer to "normal" music, 
with some tracks almost having a beat.
Besides a couple of CD's made for friends it has stayed with me.

Posted here are a couple of the tracks form ['kliɳ 'klaɳ], Milk River and Wood

From ['kliɳ 'klaɳ]:
Biip On 0:19

Kling Klang 0:14

Stereo Bar 1:25

From Milk River:
Have You Been To LA Lately 1:23

From Wood: 
Efterbestilling 0:52

Sociologisk Institut 0:26

Untill Copy 0:24

Elektro Magnet 2 0:38

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