Sunday, September 29, 2013

Titanic Bar warm up

3 Friends. 2013. 20x20 cm. Oil on canvas.

On Friday my exhibition Titanic Bar will open at Gallerie MøllerWitt in Aarhus.
As usually I don't know exactly what will be in the exhibition before I do the hanging.
Here I am sharing some photos of the works that is waiting in the gallery, 
that might end up in the exhibition. 
I saw this beautiful image online, of a man seen from the back walking towards a bar 
that had a neon sign above it spelling out titanik bar, 
the rain is pouring down, the only other thing in this film noir image is an old VW beetle. 
That image set me going in drawing my large Titanic Bar drawing.
After completing the drawing I found and watched the great slow movie, 
Damnation from 1988 by Béla Tarr.

Titanic Bar
Opening 4 October at 16-18
October 4 - 29
Opening hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11.30-17
Saturday 11-16
Gallerie MøllerWitt
Christiansgade 18
See more work after the jump.

Titanic Bar. 2013. 84x178 cm. Ink on paper.

Object. 2013. 24x30 cm. Oil on canvas.

Walking Slowly Behind. 2013. 24x18 cm. Oil on canvas.

Untitled (Berlin Drawing 92). 2013. 35x27 cm. Ink on paper.

For Your Pleasure. 2013. 53x31x26 cm. Fur, string and wood.

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