Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The lost and found

Williamsburg Bridge
And You Want To Travel Blind found and photographed by Magnus Thierfelder

The book fair is over, it was as usually a great experince to talk to everyone there and see all the cool books, 
the most difficult thing is not to buy too many book, most of what I got this time was old art catalogs,
 a Jackson Pollock and a Clyfford Still both from 1969, 
both very beautiful with all the images printed on very thin paper that was chipped in,
they make me want to do a book like that.
My friend the artist Magnus Thierfelder found And You Want To Travel Blind on his way, 
walking over the Williamsburg Bridge, 
someone had lost the book on the bridge then someone put it on the railing to be found.
See some of Thierfelder work here Link

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