Friday, August 9, 2013

Tattoo You

Galeri Susanne Ottesen, God Damn The Sun

Yesterday when I was at Galleri Susanne Ottesen I had a great surprise, 
Tony came by and showed me his new tattoo, he had one of my drawings done, 
he had talked of getting one, but I didn't know that he had it made, 
and I didn't know which one he wanted. It looks great.
The other time a drawing of mine ended up as a tattoo was when Amanda,
who did my visa twice for the USA had one done, when she had it done I went with her, 
it was fun seeing my drawing transforming into a tattoo.
Both tattoos are from the same book: 
God Damn the Sun a 100 drawings from Napoleon at the party.
It was released in connection with my exhibition
Napoleon At The Party at Galleri Susanne Ottesen back in 2007.
The title God Damn the Sun I borrowed from a song by the Swans, a marvelous depressing song (link)
 Close up of both tattoos after the jump.


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