Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Music On My Mind

Gimme Some Truth. 2013. 71x54 cm. Color pencil on paper.

Friday is the opening of the group exhibition Music On my Mind opens at Charlotte Fogh Gallery in Århus, Denmark.
I have two pieces in the exhibition. The watercolor New York City, it shows the text from an iconic photograph of John Lennon wearing a T-shirt with that writing on it. 
The other piece is a drawing, a portrait of a young man. In the documentary Gimme Some Truth (2000) about the making of the album Imagine, filmed in 1971. There is a very touching part where this unnamed man shows up on Lennon's doorstep, he has been camping out at the park of their home Tittenhurst Park in Ascot where the recordings took place, he is obviously on drugs, probably on an acid trip, he has come to meet Lennon, he wants to talk to him to get to know the truth, he thinks the songs were written for him. Lennon comes out on the steps in front of the house together with Ono and some other people, talks to the confused young man, explaining that the songs are written for him self or maybe Ono if its a love song. When the conversation is stalling Lennon asks if he is hungry and invite him in for a bite to eat.

Music On my Mind is curated by the artist Rose Eken
The artists are: Kasper Eistrup, Graham Dolphin, Ben Venum, Thorgej Steen Hansen, Celie Falières, Christian Finne, Anika Lori, Jasper Sebastian Stürup,  Vinyl-Terror & Horror, Ragnar Persson, Søren Behncke, Rachel Cattle, Rose Eken and Jonas Liveröd

Opening 23 August at 4-8
23 August - 21 September
Tuesday - Friday 12-17
Saturday 11 – 15

Charlotte Fogh Gallery
Mejlgade 18 B
8000 Aarhus C

jasper sebastian stürup, Charlotte Fogh Gallery
New York City. 2011. 32x24 cm. Watercolor on paper.

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