Monday, August 26, 2013


Byens Kro
Beer. 2013. 29,7x21 cm. Ink on paper.
On Friday the exhibition Beer 4 opens at Byens Kro.
It's arranged by the two artists Melou Vanggaard and Christian Finne
It's a bunch of small works related to beer by a lot of artists.
It's usually a lot of fun and crowded at the openings, in this old very smoky bar, 
one of the few bars where a lot of artists hang out in Copenhagen.

Beers 4
Opening Friday  30. august
30.august – 1.oktober
Byens Kro
Møntergade 8

David Dellagi
I thought this was David Dellagi's cool gold shoe on the counter of the bar at Byens Kro back in 2011, but it's actually
Anders Brinchs. Apparently my memory is as foggy as the air in the bar.  see his Oxygen Island here Link.


  1. Hi Jasper, hope everything is fine, i just have to correct you for a small mistake in your blog.
    The picture of the cool golden shoes at Byens Kro
    are mine, and i can even recognize my hands on them,i bought them in miami... see you soon.

    Anders Brinch

  2. Ahh I stand corrected, I was actually debating if it was yours or his. I'll correct it, see you