Thursday, July 14, 2016

Blue Movie

I am in the proses of photographing a bunch of drawing that are framed
so they can be used again.
This is: Blue Movie. 2006. Dia 19,5 cm. Ink on paper.
It was in my solo exhibition Today We Escape at Horsens Kunstmuseum
The exhibition consisted of drawings from some of my favourite movies
I would choose the details that fascinated me the most and draw those, 
some of the drawings unlike Blue Movie were very detailed and  intricate, 
I wouls not try to repeat the narrative, it would all be fragments floating around, 
in the same vain as when you are retelling a movie you had just seen to a friend.
Blue Movie was the only move I had not seen,
I have it as a book, with images and all the dialogue about nothing, small talk and the Vietnam War.
The movie from 1969 was originally called Fuck, 
The book is from 1970, the movie was not publicly show from 1975 to 2005
I still have not seen it outside the book.

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