Monday, June 6, 2016

Images from Krystalskibet

I am back in Copenhagen after the opening of my exhibition Krystalskibet
at Huset For Kunst & Design in Holstebro
I am very happy wih the exhibition
that consists of paintings and sculptures from the last couple of years
most shown here for the first time.
The cool Exner building is great to show in.
I made one site specific sculpture for the exhibition

After the jump you can see all the works in the exhibition and some installation shots

3. June – 7. August 2016 
Friday 12-16
Saturday and Sunday 11-17
Huset For Kunst & Design
Nørrebrogade 1

He Watches From Behind. 2015. 40x30 cm. Oil on canvas.

Nothing Is Gonna Change My World. 2013. 60x50 cm. Oil on canvas.

The End. 2015. 30x30 cm. Oil on canvas

Darklands. 2014. 40x40 cm. Coal and oil on canvas

Poèmes barbares réfléchis. 2016. 100x100 cm. Oil polyester

Cast No Shadow. 2016. 50x40 cm. Oil on canvas

November’s Veil. 2014. 100x170 cm. 2014. Coal and oil on canvas/Acrylic on fabric

Amber Pets. 2014. 70x70 cm. Oil on polyester

The Drowners. 2015. 40x40 cm. Oil on canvas

It Never Bothered Me. 2013. 20x20 cm. Oil on canvas

Down Like Honey. 2015.120x80 cm. Oil on canvas

A Soft Descent. 2015. 165x43x36 cm. Oil on papier mâché

All Mirrors Are Redundant. 2015. 130x90 cm. Oil on canvas

Sunrise Doesn’t Last All Morning. 2013. 100x80 cm. Oil on canvas

A Very Sleepy River. 2013. 100x80 cm. Oil on canvas

Enclose Me In Your Gentle Rain. 2015. 57x54x40 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Shiver And Shake. 2016. 34x16x14 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Like You Do. 2016, 86x35x25 cm. Oil on papier mâché

1987. 2014. 50x20x18 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Kiss And Tell. 2016, 41x12x14 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Waiting Till The Stars Come Out. 2014. 64x44x35 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Ain’t That So. 2014. 70x36x20 cm. Oil on papier mâché

Right at the entrance of the building there is a nice slanted window
I made a sculpture specifically to stand in that window.
The window covers up part of the sculpture at all times.

Jingle Jangle Morning. 2016. 54x51x18 cm. Acrylic on papier mâché

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