Wednesday, March 30, 2016

In The Forest

After the jump are some photographs from the opening of Paper Works at Skovhuset

Here I am enjoying the sun blasting into the room and talking to Finn Naur Petersen.
Finn was teaching at the Graphic Department at the Danish Royal Academy of  Fine Arts
when I was a student there. He is still teaching there.
Svend Danielsen is looking at one of my Drawings.
He is one of the people involved in Svends Bibliotek 
that arranged a couple of exhibitions of artists' books in 2014 and 2015 
that had one of my books in it.
The wonderful light made it impossible to take a decent photograph of the work 
with all the reflections, and the short distance between the walls didn't help either.
I ended up taking a couple of pictures trying to catch the reflections instead.
Here are links to see what Finn and Svend's work is like:

Going to the opening we walked tru the forest, 
not far from where I grew up.

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