Thursday, February 13, 2014

My Red Right Hand

This week was the Film Festival here in Berlin
I went to Butter on the Latch and the party for 20,000 Days on Earth.

Above is a shot of the amazing huge red velvet curtain covering the screen
 in Zoo Palast, at the premiere of Butter on the Latch.
Directed by Josephine Decker.

The wonderful humid windows at Bar Babette at the afterparty for 20,000 Days on Earth, 
the documentary by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard about Nick Cave.
A constant flow of drinks made my insides look just like the windows, a very nice night.

All these red images reminded me of this photograph from 2008
Taken at Southpaw in Brooklyn at an Damien and Naomi concert.
Wile writing this I'm drinking hot tea from my Lou Reed mug 
that I bought at the Raven Concert in 2003, 
to treat my shore throat, not very Rock 'n' Roll.

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