Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Jonas' Julekort

Today and tomorrow is the exhibition of Jonas' Julekort
It is a show with a lot of artists who each have donated a work,
The work are sold just for 500 dkr
The money goes to the a shelter for homeless men in Copenhagen called Mændenes Hjem
At the show you can't see the name of what artist created the work you are looking at, 
you just have to go with what you like, quiet nice, 
so the drawing above is not the one I did for the fundraiser, 
but one I did two days ago her in Berlin.
There are a bunch of good artists taking part in Jonas' Julekort.

The exhibition of the work: 4-5 December at 10-18
The sale starts on Friday the 6th December from 18-22
and last until Saturday the 14th of December, daily from 10-18
Gothersgade 30,
København K

Here are a link to more info on the thing and a list of all the artists taking part.

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