Saturday, November 9, 2013

A poster

At some point late 2007 Mathias Kokholm asked me to do a poster 
for a series of poetry readings he was arranging at LYNfabrikken in Aarhus 
to take place in the beginning of 2008.
I was thrilled to do it, getting free hands to do the layout and the drawing is always fun.
Not living in Aarhus I missed the readings, but would have loved to be there, 
there were a lot of good writers reading from their own works.

The story of the work for the poster is quit different than the way I usually make my drawings.

In 2006 was taking part in the 2nd. international Biennial of Contemporary Art in Shumen, Bulgaria.
I had two large drawings from my series of movie drawings in the exhibition. 
The Ice Storm and Solyaris

The Ice Storm, 2006. Ink on paper.

Solyaris, 2006. 112x152 cm. Ink on paper.
The exhibition took place in various buildings in Shumen.
My work was displayed in an old factory.
The room I was to use was an old sewing room, 
They women who had worked there, had painted a couple of cool patterns on the  wall, 
I placed my two drawings standing leaning on these.

When the works arrived back at my studio in Copenhagen after the exhibition was over 
the bad packing of the framed drawings had resulted in the glass breaking
and cutting a lot of large cuts into The Ice Storm. 
Pissing me off but there was really nothing I could do abou that.
I really liked the drawing and was not sure what to do about it.
After some considerations I decided to make a new one, 
I don't recall another time where I recreated a drawing of mine, 
I was unsure if I could get the feeling right when copying myself.
I wanted it to be in my upcoming exhibition 
Today We Escape of my movie drawings at Horsens Kunstmuseum.
Besides drawing on a larger piece of paper 
I stuck pretty much to the composition of the first drawing, 
and ended up being happy with the result. 
I was not sure what to do with the damaged drawing 
and decided to try to make a collage out of it, 
gluing it onto black paper 
so that the cuts between the paper were as visible as possible. 

Thinking that the fragmentation of the new collage drawing would work well for the poster
I chose to use that one.
I used it in negative, changed the colors and cropped it,
used the typeface Bodidl for the text, it's one of my favorites.

The Ice Storm. 2007. 112x152 cm. Ink on paper.

A horse with splattered paint on it tied to a tree in Varna

details from the poster

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