Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ten skulls and a man

I have been drawing some skulls for a new book called Fun Time, that will be released soon.
When drawing them I made more than I needed for the book, and kept drawing more after I had made the ones for the book.
Her are the ones I didn't use in the book.
I made them using black grease pencil or black colored pencil.
Not so long ago my friend Mikkel O Eskildsen was here in Berlin working on some large paintings

 where he was mixing layers of paint and drawing, to make his intricate images. 
The grease pencils remind a lot of lithographic crayon, 
it makes a great line that is never really solid and its very easy to vary the darkness of the line. 
When I saw that I went out and bought a handful of grease pencil for myself, and have really enjoyed working with them.


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